Customer Service

Whether you are a  Retail Establishment, Hotel and Resort, Country Club, Restaurant or an Office with Customer Contact, this program will make a difference  for you. In the competitive environment in which businesses and organizations operate, the ability to make a great first impression is imperative.  Businesses and organizations are judged by their employees so even one negative encounter can sour the impression someone has.  Great products and services are only one of the keys to this great first impression. The biggest component is the staff. Is the staff truly representing the organization or company in the most professional manner possible? The International School of Protocol's program in Customer Service targets any problems your staff may be having, develops the highest level of staff professionalism, and elevates the level of customer satisfaction.

The Customer Service Training includes the following topics: Customer Service Representative

  • Greeting the Customer
  • Listening
  • Assessing the Customer's Needs
  • Body Language and Other Forms of Nonverbal Communication
  • Professional Dress
  • Professional Courtesy
  • Attitude Fine-tuning
  • Engaging the Customer
  • Paying Attention
  • Avoiding Long Waits
  • Teamwork
  • Handling the Smallest Details
  • Finishing Touches

It has been proven many times over, that customers are willing to pay for excellent service. Is your staff up to the test? Call 1-410-771-6900 to let us develop a program that meets your needs.