Become Certified to Teach Etiquette to Adults and Professionals

Teaching Etiquette to Adults and Business Professionals is designed for the individual who wishes to teach etiquette to adults, business professionals, college and graduate students and new entries into the workplace. This two day program provides participants with information and teaching materials. Participants receive three instructional workbooks and a certification upon completion of the program.

The class covers the following topics:

Civility and Professionalism

  • Greeting People
  • Acts of Kindness and Respect
  • Courteous Treatment of Guests
  • Entering Elevators, Walking through Doorways, and More
  • Projecting a Positive Attitude
  • Acting as a Company Representative
  • When to Sit or Stand

Dining Etiquette

  • American and Continental Styles of Dining
  • Napkin Know-How
  • Eating Various Foods
  • Place Settings
  • Proper Seating
  • Taking a Client to Dine
  • Toasting

Professional Image

  • Shaking Hands
  • Eye Contact
  • Body Language
  • Space
  • Professional Attire
  • Industry Attire Expectations
  • Business Casual versus Recreational Casual Dress
  • Grooming
  • Voice

Communication Savvy

  • Proper Introductions
  • Conversation Skills
  • Mingling
  • Meeting People
  • Networking
  • Wearing a Name Badge
  • Business Card Etiquette
  • Electronic Etiquette
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Thank You Notes

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Here’s what some participants have said about this program:

"Wonderful information to assist with educating our staff." - Vickie Pate, Houston, TX

"You make it fun!! As an “auditory” learner—I found the “lecture/interactive” information helpful and it was a fun way to learn. We’re surrounded by a lack of civility and this is so pleasant!!" - Mary Kiely, Timonium, MD

"Very well done! Great discussions." - Laura Thomas, Houston, TX

"Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days! All the information was helpful—and will certainly be used to support others in their quest toward civility and being their very best!!!! Thank you!" - Mary Lynne Offredo, Massillon, OH

"You are both open to answering questions and are down to earth!" - Jennifer Ricciardi, Burke, VA   

"Presented in a logical format and topics are grouped in a way that will make it easy to use in the field. Perfectly met my expectations and exceeded them in most areas! ! "  John Mencel, Ontario, Canada  

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