Programs for Children ages 4 and up and Teens

The International School of Protocol's etiquette programs for children and teens focus upon skills to help them succeed in the table manners children, dining skill children, teach children etiquette, teach children manners, manners training for children, teach children table manners, train the trainer table manners, etiquette program schools, teach manners, dining skills for kids, dining skills for children, learn table manners, how to teach table manners, training mannersclassroom, at home, on the job, with peers--in short, in life. Application of these skills leads to increased opportunities, greater confidence and improved self-esteem. These highly interactive, informative programs include role playing activities and instructive materials. Classes can be developed to meet the needs of a school or organizationEach of the subjects below, Social Etiquette, Communication Skills and Table Manners, are offered as four week, one hour per week programs.  In the four week program, all of the topics listed are covered.  In a private program, topics from any of the three subjects can be combined to create a class.  These classes can be one hour or more.  In the week long summer camp sessions, all topics from all three subjects will be covered.

The following are topics, any of which can be combined into a customized program for children ages 7 and older.  Topics for young children ages 4-7 can be found below.

summer camp

Social Etiquette

As a four week etiquette program all of the topics below are covered.  Any of these topics, though, can be combined in a customized program

Children like to feel confident in social situations, and knowledge of social etiquette allows them to handle themselves and deal with others with ease. The program includes such topics as:

  • Welcoming Behaviors
  • Eye Contact
  • Shaking Hands
  • Introducing Yourself
  • Responding When Introduced
  • Greetings from Around the World
  • Introducing Others
  • Showing Proper Respect


  • Common Courtesies
  • Helping Behaviors
  • Avoiding Rude Behaviors
  • Behavior for Public Places
  • Using Escalators, Elevators, and Doors
  • Street Smarts
  • Sporting Events and Good Sportsmanship
  • Behaving as a Good Host and Guest
  • Image and Clothing


Communication Skills

Knowing the tools for effective communication builds self esteem and leadership ability. The program includes such topics as:

  • Proper Greetings and Introductions
  • Conversation
  • Listening
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Acts of Kindness and Respect
  • Communication in School
  • The Use of Please, Thank You, Excuse Me
  • Thank You Notes
  • Meeting Persons with Disabilities
  • Compliments
  • Interviewing
  • Electronic Etiquette

Table Manners

It is important for children to learn dining skills so they can be comfortable in any dining situation, whether home or away. The program includes such topics as: 

  • Place Settings
  • Identifying Utensils and Glassware
  • Proper Use of Napkins
  • Common and Less common Utensils
  • Selecting the Correct Utensils
  • Menu-based Place settings
  • Styles of Dining: American, Continental, Family, Buffet
  • Proper Seating
  • Mealtime Manners
  • Eating Various Foods: Bread, Soup, Dessert,
  • Difficult to Eat Foods
  • Behavior at the Table
  • Entering and Exiting
  • Seating a Girl or Woman
  • Posture and Conversation
  • The Silent Service Code
  • Leaving the Table


We offer a variety of programs for children and teens each season.  If you see a program you like, but do not see it on our current schedule, we can bring the program to you and/or your group or organization. 


Here are some of the programs we offer:

Interviewing for Private, Nonpublic, Military Academies, & Specialized Schools

Making sure your son or daughter gets into the school that is best for him or her can be a difficult process. One of the most stressful parts of applying to schools is the interview. The International School of Protocol offers a program to make sure your son or daughter is prepared and will stand out for all the right reasons. This program can be done one on one for an hour or can extend over multiple sessions for one or more students. The program ensures that your child is focused on the things that will make a positive impression, 

from a good handshake and eye contact, to knowing when to stand, to making sure the clothing is appropriate. Creating a positive first impression must be combined with asking and answering appropriate questions. For students who will have the chance to shadow at a school, making conversation with a shadow buddy will also be covered. The opportunity to do a mock interview helps to alleviate some of the jitters that naturally go along with an interview. Finally, the all important follow-up--the thank you note. The goal of this program is to give your son or daughter confidence that will shine throughout the interview.


An Evening ( or Day) of Etiquette and Dining

Whether it is wanting your child to have the best table manners when he/she is a guest at someone's house or at a restaurant, or if you are just tired of putting up with the lack of manners at your own table, this class is sure to be the answer.  By making the class fun, and empowering your child with some table manners history with which she/he can try to  stump the family, table manners are put into a whole different light.  From learning how to set the table to knowing how to behave at the table, this program covers all the must-knows and even a few, fun- to-knows.  The boys will learn that chivalry is not dead and the boys and girls will learn behaviors that will make them a favorite guest at anyone's table or a pleasure to dine with at home.  The children receive a handout so practice can continue at home.  This class is best taught over a meal.  This class can also cover some social etiquette centered around being a good host or guest.

Nailing the College/Job Interview

(This program can also be tailored to an adult audience)

Competition is fierce these days whether it be for a coveted spot at a college or graduate school of choice (including medical school) or for a job.  Knowing how to shine from the first step to the last can mean that opportunities come your way.  This program will highlight the different types of resumes, identify which format is most appropriate for you, and then help you to develop your own resume.  Once your resume passes muster and you are invited for an interview, knowing how to prepare will make all the difference in your performance on the big day.  You need to not only be prepared to answer questions, but also to ask them.  You need to know when and where to sit, when to shake hands, and what to wear.  Finally,  the appropriate rules for follow-up round out this program. This program can be done one on one for an hour or can extend over multiple sessions for one or more students.


Social Etiquette and Communication Skills Express

(Ages 12-16, but this age spread can vary for a private program)

Designed for the student with a busy schedule, this class combines the basics of our social etiquette and communication skills classes in a shortened time frame of two hours.  It emphasizes the importance of having good manners in all aspects of life. Students will learn how to make a great initial Impression including greetings, body language and appropriate dress.  Making conversation with a new acquaintence can be difficult if you do not have the tools  The class will cover these tools and allow students to practice conversation and listening skills. Finally the students will learn how to use phones and e-mail in a way that will make sure they are continuing to make that positive impression whether at home or in public.  Don’t miss this opportunity to discover what makes someone shine! Great class as an introduction or a refresher!

Classes and Topics for Children Ages 4-7

In addition to these topics and classes, The International School of Protocol has created an etiquette curriculum especially geared to children ages 4-7 that uses three fun and entertaining activity books along with lots of practice to teach social etiquette, communication skills, and table manners to young children.  Any of these topics can be combined into a customizable program.

Say Please, Say Thank You  

This class covers the following topics:

 ► Meeting People and Shaking Hands ► Introducing People ► Things to do to be Nice ► Ways to Show Respect ► Including Others ► Being Nice to People Who are Different ► When to Wear and Not to Wear Hats ► Words of Respect ► Host and Guest Behavior ► Behavior in Public ► Giving and Receiving Gifts.

Sample workbook pages:

sample image 1 from workbook 1sample image 2 from workbook 1

How to Say it Best

This class includes the following topics: ► Telephone Manners ► Conversation ► Answering Questions ► School Young children on phoneEtiquette ► What Your Face and Body Say Even When You Are Not Speaking ►Talking on the Telephone.

Sample workbook pages:

sample image 1 from workbook 2sample image 2 from workbook 2

Pass the Peas, Please

This program will help make mealtimes more enjoyable for everyone and includes the following topics: ► Appropriate behavior at the table ► Setting the table ► Using utensils ► Cutting food ► Host and guest behaviors.

Sample workbook pages:

sample image 1 from workbook 3sample image 2 from workbook 3


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