Teaching Etiquette to Young Children

The International School of Protocol has created an etiquette curriculum for children ages 4-7 that uses three fun and entertaining activity and coloring books and three teacher's guides to assist in the teaching of social etiquette, communication skills, and table manners to young children. A valuable resource for parents and teachers alike who understand the importance of good manners.


Say Please, Say Thank You

Includes 34 pages of illustrations and activities to support the following topics:

Meeting People and Shaking Hands 

Introducing People 

Things to do to be Nice 

Ways to Show Respect 

Including Others 

Being Nice to People Who are Different 

When to Wear and Not to Wear Hats 

Words of Respect 

Host and Guest Behavior 

Behavior in Public 

Giving and Receiving Gifts

Sample workbook pages:

sample image 1 from workbook 1sample image 2 from workbook 1

How to Say it Best

Includes 26 pages of activities and illustrations to support the following topics: 

Hellos and Goodbyes

How to Make Friends

Ways to be Pleasant

Conversation Skills

Magic Words

Telephone Manners 

Being Polite at the Movies

School Etiquette 

What Your Face and Body Say Even When You Are Not Speaking

Sample workbook pages:

sample image 1 from workbook 2sample image 2 from workbook 2

Pass the Peas, Please

Includes 27 pages of activities and illustrations, plus three appendices to support the following topics:

How to Set the Table

What Various Utensils are Used For

How to Hold Properly Hold and Use Spoons, Knives and Forks

Where to Napkins Before During and After a Meal

Where to Place Glasses

Proper Ways to Behave at the Table


Sample workbook pages:

sample image 1 from workbook 3sample image 2 from workbook 3

Your investment of $500.00 for the entire curriculum includes shipping and handling.  For consultants who are certified in either teaching etiquette to children and teens or adults and business professionals, there is a special price of $350 available for up to 30 days from the date training is completed.