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Certification Class:  Teaching Etiquette to Children and Teens

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This certification class is designed for the individual who wishes to teach etiquette classes, incorporate etiquette in the classroom, or learn additional information about etiquette. This certification program presents participants with information to teach Social Etiquette, Communication Skills and Table Manners.  See our website for additional information. 

We offer this class in different ways to make it easy to work with your schedule. 

  • First, we will offer the class in our office in Towson, Maryland for anyone who is able to travel to Maryland on a date that is convenient for you.  This is a two day program during which you will participate in activities and see and use the props that make the classes you will teach fun for the students.  You will receive a copy of each of the three workbooks both electronically and in paper form.  We will also enjoy a meal together at a fine dining restaurant where you will practice dining skills and learn how to teach these skills at the table.  This class will be offered next  in February and March 2018, on dates of your choosing. As well, we can schedule additional dates beyond those listed. This certification can be offered individually or to a group.  The investment for this class is $795 per person.    To register: download, fill out & mail in form, call 1-410-832-7555, or use paypal below to register.
  • This certification class is also offered virtually on an individual basis on dates of your choosing.  If you are not able to travel to our offices, then we will connect electronically and offer the same training.  The materials are sent to you electronically before the training. The investment is $795.  Please call 410-832-7555 to register.

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Certification Class: Teaching Etiquette to Adults and Business Professionals

This certification class is designed for the individual who wishes to teach etiquette to adults, business professionals, college and graduate students, and new entries into the workplace. This two-day program presents information to enable participants to teach first impressions and dress, body language and nonverbal communication, communication skills, civility, networking, and business dining skills. See our website for additional information.

Investment for the two day privately scheduled program: $2500.

Based on your feedback, this program is also offered on an appointment basis. View our brochure for more information.


If you bring another person to take this two day course with you, you will receive a $200 discount.

If you would like to schedule dates, please call 410-832-7555 to register for this certification class.

This certification class can also be taught using the internet rather than in person if travel is an issue for you.  Please call us at 1.410.832.7555 to discuss this option.


Certifed Consultant Training
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NEW!!   When combined with the Teaching Etiquette to Children and Teens program, this program can be completed in one extra day.  On the day preceding the Children's Certification, we will be offering a one day Teaching Etiquette to Adults and Business Professionals program, which, when combined with the two day Teaching Etiquette to Children and Teens class (or any prior Teaching Etiquette to Children and Teens class), will allow you to receive a certification in both programs. This one day program is only open to those whom we have already certified in teaching to children or who are registered for the current class.  Investment for the three day combined program:  $3045.  Call 1-410-832-7555.

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NOTERegistration for Howard County will open for Spring classes on February 28 at 6pm.

Networking 101 RP3412.701  (for Age 18 and up)

Learn how to be more comfortable at social and work gatherings where you need to meet and have conservations with new people. his course is important for anyone who attends businesses gatherings, conferences, parties and school or community events. In two short hours, feel at ease more confident. Course includes: (1) prepare for an event, enter and exit conversations, and learn what you can/can't talk about; (2) create a first and lasting impression through handshakes, eye contact, introductions and nonverbal conversation; and (3) be a conversation partner who is interesting and interested.

 Info: Karen Bradley Ehler, 410-313-4635 or

Location:         Roger Carter Community Center, Ellicott City  

Date:              May 17

Time:              7:00-9:00 pm

Investment:  $55


International Savvy: Learning the Art of Cross Cultural Communication (for Active Aging 55+)
The need and opportunities for Americans to travel and/or live abroad and for visitors from overseas to travel and/or live in America are even greater in the world in which we live today. Everything from dress to body language to cultural norms can impact the impression we have of others and others have of us.  Come learn more about different cultures and how sometimes, something that seems so inconsequential can have a big impact.    Info:     Contact Ruth Coleman at 410-313-7311 or

Where:           Kiwanis Wallas Park Hall, Ellicott City 

When:             Thursday, April 19, 2018
Time:              10:00am-12:00pm
Investment:    $55
Register online or call 410-313-7275.  Registration opens Feb. 28.
Dining Savvy Through the Ages (for Active Aging 55+)dining utensils
Ever wonder why when we set the table the forks go on the left and the knives and spoons go on the right? For the last hundred years, dining customs have changed little and many of our customs today actually date back hundreds of years. Learn the answer to this and other place setting questions along with many other interesting facts as they relate to how we behave at the table.  Info:   Contact Ruth Coleman at 410-313-7311 or
Where:            Kiwanis Wallas Park Hall, Ellicott City 
When:             May 24, 2018
Time:              10:00am-12:00pm
Investment:     $55
Register online or call 410-313-7275.  Registration opens Feb. 28.

The International School of Protocol offers a limited number of open enrollment classes for adults.  If you have a group (college friends, work colleagues or neighbors, for example), we are happy to customize a class for you.  Rates are reasonable and the classes are not only great learning experiences, but also lots of fun.  Click here to see a list of sample classes and topics.  Call us at 410-832-7555 to talk about organizing a class.


Classes for Children and Teens

How to Eat, Greet, & Not Gross Anyone Out (for Ages 7-10)

Would you like your child to learn proper dining etiquette, while having fun? Join The International School of Protocol, the premier provider of etiquette training, to a wonderful kid’s program of dining social graces at Miss Shirley’s Café, Roland Park. The highly interactive curriculum is especially geared to children ages 7-10 years old, and is designed to inform and entertain, while improving your child’s self-confidence!

Whether it is wanting your child to have the best table manners when she/he is a guest at someone's house or at a restaurant, or if you are just tired of putting up with the lack of manners at your own table, this class is sure to be the answer. By making the class fun, and empowering your child with some table manners history with which she/he can try to stump the family, table manners are put into a whole different light. From learning, how to set the table to knowing how to behave at the table, this program covers all the must-knows and even a few, fun-to-knows.

Children will Learn:  History of Dining, Greetings, Introductions & Handshaking, Table Setting, Behavior at the Table,  Holding & Using Utensils when cutting and eating, as well as when resting or finished, How to Eat Various Foods Properly, How to Enter & Exit your Chair, Proper use of the Napkin, How Not to Gross People Out - No more licking your knife, slurping your drink, or elbows on the table!

Where:         Miss Shirley's Café 513 W. Cold Spring Lane   Baltimore, MD (Roland Park)   tabble manners at Miss Shirley's Cafe

When:           Saturday, February 10

Time:             8:30-10:00 am

Investment:  $40 includes 2 course meal

( Menu:  First Course: (with a spoon in a bowl) Choice of: Breakfast Banana Split OR Oatmeal; Second Course: (with fork and knife)Choice of: Waffles, Pancakes, or French Toast served with a side of Turkey Sausage OR Fruit Medley Cup)

Dress:             Upscale casual


Enjoy a 15% discount on breakfast for parents/grandparent/family member/guardian from 8:30-10:00 am, while you wait for your child.

To register, use PayPal below:

I am so sorry that this class is full.  Please email The International School of Protocol to put your name on a waiting list.  Thank you.





 Dine Like a King or Queen  

at the  

 Enoch Pratt Free Library

  (Check with branch regarding any age restrictions and to confirm times.)






NOTERegistration for Howard County will open for Spring classes on February 28 at 6pm.[

An Evening of Etiquette & Dining   (for Ages 7-11 and 12 and up)

Ever despair about your children's table manners?  Come with the family for an evening of fun, good food and lots of learning.  Learn proper handshaking and greetings and the history of why and how we eat. This program includes how to set a simple or formal table, how to identify and use the various utensils when eating, resting and finishing, and what to do withfamily dinner your napkin at the beginning, middle and end of the meal. And it includes a delicious 4-course meal so you can practice while learning.  Designed for children and teens to attend with their PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS/GUARDIANS or without! This program is fun for all ages!
When:           Thursday, March 29
Time:             6-8pm
Investment:  $85 includes a four-course dinner 
Register online for Ages 7-11 or online for Ages 12 and up or call Howard County Rec & Parks 410-313-7275
Info: William Banks, 410-313-4609 or


How To Say It Best (for Ages 4-8)

Come have fun in this hands-on class designed to increase confidence when communicating. Learn by playing and working through a coloring/activity book. Have a great time while learning the importance of good manners. Handouts given for additional practice at home. Day 1 - Learn how to make friends, give and receive compliments, avoid rude behaviors (like interrupting or whining) and have a conversation. Day 2 - Practice using the "magic words" of please, thank you, you're welcome, I'm sorry, excuse me, and may I. Learn telephone manners, and about how body language is a part of communication. Learn the importance of sitting quietly when in an audience at a play or movie, and how to communicate well at school. Info: Scott Corning, 410-313-4622 or

Location:       Roger Carter Community Center, Ellicott City

Date:              May 2 & 9

Time:              5:00-5:50 pm

Investment:  $40 ($5 discount for sibling) 


Communicate Like a Leader (for Ages 9-12)

Help your student learn how to feel more comfortable when meeting people for the first time and greeting a person he/she has already met. Making conversation can be tough for anyone, but with the tools learned in this class, your child will feel more comfortable navigating the two way street of being a good conversationalist. In addition, your student will learn how to give and receive compliments, and what it takes to be a good listener. This two-day course also covers thank you notes and telephone etiquette. This confidence building program will help your child feel more at ease in school, at play, and in every other place where he/she has opportunities to communicate with other people. The class is taught using role-plays and activities and includes take home handouts for the whole family to enjoy. 

Info: Scott Corning, 410-313-4622 or

Location:       Roger Carter Community Center, Ellicott City

Date:              May 2 & 9

Time:              6:00-6:50 pm

Investment:  $40 ($5 discount for sibling) 


Social Etiquette & Communication Skills Express (for Ages 12-16)

Do you have a busy, full schedule? Then this was designed for you. Realize the importance of having decorum in all aspects of life. Topics include making a good first impression; listening and speaking; using proper etiquette in public, on the phone and with electronics; and dressing for success. Don't miss this opportunity to discover why research demonstrates that social skills are paramount for your future success! teens smilingThis is great as an intro or a refresher.

Info: William Banks, 410-313-4609 or

Location:       Roger Carter Community Center, Ellicott City

Date:              May 23

Time:              6:00-8:00 pm

Investment:  $59 ($5 discount for sibling)